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    Knowledge discovery with recommenders for big data management in science and engineering communities [1]
    Knowledge representation and exchange of visual patterns using semantic abstractions [1]
    Knowledge-driven multidimensional indexing for content-based information retrieval [1]
    KOLAM : human computer interfaces fro visual analytics in big data imagery [1]
    Language modeling for automatic speech recognition in telehealth [1]
    Leveraging High Performance Computing techniques to accelerate big heterogeneous data pattern analysis and image processing [1]
    LIDAR data classification and compression [1]
    Lightweight IoT security middleware for end-to-end cloud-fog communication [1]
    Local and deep texture features for classification of natural and biomedical images [1]
    Machine learning methods for 3D object classification and segmentation [1]
    Machine learning methods for evaluating the quality of a single protein model using energy and structural properties [1]
    Machine-aided analysis of vote privacy using computationally complete symbolic attacker [1]
    Mechanizing the metatheory of rewire [1]
    Methods for protein structure prediction [1]
    Mining host-pathogen interaction from biomedical literature [1]
    Mining progressive user behavior for e-commerce using virtual reality technique [1]
    Modeling of the acoustic signal of an electric guitar amplifier using recurrent neural networks [1]
    Modulation domain processing and speech phase spectrum in speech enhancement [1]
    Multi modality fusion [1]
    Multi-cloud performance and security driven federated workflow management [1]