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    Machine learning methods for 3D object classification and segmentation [1]
    Machine learning methods for evaluating the quality of a single protein model using energy and structural properties [1]
    Machine-aided analysis of vote privacy using computationally complete symbolic attacker [1]
    Mechanizing the metatheory of rewire [1]
    Methods for protein structure prediction [1]
    Mining host-pathogen interaction from biomedical literature [1]
    Mining progressive user behavior for e-commerce using virtual reality technique [1]
    Modeling of the acoustic signal of an electric guitar amplifier using recurrent neural networks [1]
    Modulation domain processing and speech phase spectrum in speech enhancement [1]
    Multi modality fusion [1]
    Multi-cloud performance and security driven federated workflow management [1]
    Multi-dimensional scaling and MODELLER based evolutionary algorithms for protein model refinement [1]
    Multi-index, multi-object content-based retrieval with spatial summarization [1]
    Multi-modal and multi-dimensional biomedical image data analysis using deep learning [1]
    Multi-modality fusion : registering photographs, videos, and LIDAR range scans [1]
    Multi-scale target detection based on morphological shared-weight neural network [1]
    Multi-source ontology-based maize phenotype search engine [1]
    Multi-stage cloud framework based on agents for dynamic, scalable, and secure distributed computing [1]
    Multiple Instance Choquet Integral for multiresolution sensor fusion [1]
    MUPrimer : a tool for finding allele specific PCR-primers for homologous gene sequences [1]