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    Pathway curator: an online webserver extracting genes and interactions from figures [1]
    Performance evaluation of text augmentation methods with BERT on imbalanced datasets [1]
    Permutation compression with applications to genomic data [1]
    Person re-identification with pairwise learning and ranking [1]
    Physiological data analysis -- alcohol drinking prediction using statistical and deep learning methods [1]
    PIR sensing array for fall detection [1]
    Portunes Algebra for security formalization in a federated workflow management [1]
    Preconditioned conjugate gradient solver for structural problems [1]
    Predicting protein residue-residue contacts and disorder [1]
    Predicting stock price using sentiment analysis combining Twitter, search engine and investor intelligence data [1]
    PRIMEGENSv2 : a service based platform using object oriented model view controller design pattern [1]
    Privacy preservation in mobile social networks [1]
    Privacy-preserving collaboration in an integrated social environment [1]
    PRO3DCNN : convolutional neural network for mapping protein structure into folds [1]
    Probabilistic graphical models for protein structure prediction [1]
    Protein contact distance and structure prediction driven by deep learning [1]
    Protein structural models selection using 4-mer sequence and combined single and consensus scores [1]
    Protein tertiary structure prediction and refinement using deep learning [1]
    Protein-DNA interaction prediction and protein structure modeling by machine learning [1]
    Protein-ion binding site prediction using deep learning [1]