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    Secured middleground for user and service integration in in federated network monitoring [1]
    Securing cloud-hosted applications using active defense with rule-based adaptations [1]
    Selected techniques for vehicle tracking and assessment in wide area motion imagery [1]
    Selecting data for multilingual multi-domain neural machine translation on low resource languages [1]
    Semantics-driven design and implementation of high-assurance hardware [1]
    Semi-automatic exploratory data analytics for actionable discoveries through subgroup mining [1]
    Shape reconstruction from volumetric images [1]
    Significance linked connected component analysis plus [1]
    Single and multi-object video tracking using local and deep architectures [1]
    Single view reconstruction and camera calibration using 2D room scene image [1]
    Single view reconstruction and camera calibration using two dimensional room scene image [1]
    Sketch-based navigation for mobile robots using qualitative landmark states [1]
    Software-defined measurement to support programmable networking for SoyKB [1]
    Spatial pyramid context-aware moving object detection and tracking for full motion video and wide aerial motion imagery / [1]
    Statistical inference in wireless sensor and mobile networks [1]
    Statistical model-based methods for observation selection in wireless sensor networks and for feature selection in classification [1]
    Statistical optimization of acoustic models for large vocabulary speech recognition [1]
    Streaming video using cooperative networking [1]
    Structural modeling of the 3D genome using machine learning [1]
    The study of privacy issues in the use of cloud storage [1]