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    Towards automated and explorative characterization of nano-energetic material response to directed energy [1]
    Towards deep learning on speech recognition for Khmer language [1]
    Transcoding transport stream mpeg2 [1]
    Transport, network, and data link layer protocol designs to improve geo-stationary Earth orbit satellite data set transmission performance [1]
    Trusted resource allocation in volunteer edge-cloud computing for scientific applications [1]
    User experience and robustness in social virtual reality applications [1]
    Using machine learning approach to predict enzyme family classes by fusing AM-PSE-AAC and PSE-PSSM [1]
    Video adaptation for IPTV applications [1]
    Video summarization using mosaicing and activity maps for aerial and biomedical imagery [1]
    Video-based motion detection for stationary and moving cameras [1]
    Virtual web for PageRank computing [1]
    Visualization of recommendation system results in a relation-preserving space [1]
    Visualizing biochemical networks with Netview [1]
    Volumetric medical image segmentation with deep learning pipelines [1]
    Wearable sensing analysis : identifying alcohol drinking from daily physiological data [1]
    Web development for P3DB and Fatplants [1]
    Web services for image analytics to enable feedback control of remote instrumentation in CNT growth [1]
    Web-based interactive editing and analytics for supervised segmentation of biomedical images [1]
    Webpage rank using Bayes' rule and connected components [1]
    Wireless sensor network aided search and rescue in trails [1]