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    Active labeling in deep learning and its application to emotion prediction
    Activity identification from animal GPS tracks with spatial temporal clustering method DDB-SMoT
    Adaptive bilateral extensor for image interpolation
    Adaptive clustering and transmission range adjustment for topology control in wireless sensor networks
    An adaptive non-polling HCCA mechanism for streaming video QOS in IEEE 802.11E network
    Algorithm design and error analysis of quantized RSSI based localization in wireless sensor networks
    Algorithm for computation and visualization of weighted constrained Voronoi diagrams
    An algorithm for the automatic construction of Bayesian networks with limited domain knowledge, as applied to the prediction of economic and development indicators of 248 countries and world regions
    AMD, analysis of mood dysregulation : a machine learning approach
    Analysis of flame images in gas-fired furnaces
    Analysis of host-pathogen interactions via clustering, statistical analysis, and data visualization
    Analysis of the enzymatic network
    Animal stay region detection and behavior analysis based on GPS trajectories
    App chaining software-as-a-service for an advanced manufacturing marketplace
    Appearance modeling for persistent object tracking in wide-area and full motion video
    Application of deep learning networks to crime prediction
    An application of machine learning techniques to interactive, constraint-based search
    Application-driven overlay network as a service for data-intensive science
    Applying visual routines in a cognitive model of visual analysis
    An approach to clustering biological phenotypes