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    African American female students' voices: their social experiences and adjustment strategies at a predominately white university
    "And the pressure is from cradle to grave": exploring Black manhood
    Beliefs about intergenerational assistance following divorce and remarriage: does race and ethnicity matter?
    Coparental strategies for managing childhood chronic illness in post-divorce families
    Coresidence between divorcing daughters and their mothers: managing feeling like a failure
    Cultural values mediate the effect of parenting styles on Mexican American adolescents' prosocial behaviors
    Cultural values reflected within Chinese children's stories
    Diversity within: a parenting measure for immigrant Mexican American mothers
    Dyadic reciprocity in the emerging relationship between low-income African American mothers and their toddlers
    The effect of parenting stress on children's cognitive development: examining the variables of sex and race/ethnic origin
    Emotional labor in early intervention
    An exploration of the moderating impact of mentorship on the relationship between Christian religious orientation and moral reasoning
    From living apart, to living-apart-together :
    The good, the bad, and the ugly: divorced mothers' experiences with coparenting
    A Grounded Theory Investigation of Skip-Generation Stepgrandparent-Stepgrandchild Relationships
    "I know it looks like I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving you": nonresidential father identities after divorce
    Japanese and U. S. mothers' concerns and experts' advice: content analyses of mothers' questions on online message boards and experts' advice in parenting magazines
    Japanese parents' perceptions about children's medical play
    Long-distance dating relationships among college students: the benefits and drawbacks of using technology
    Measuring the quality of informal home-based care programs