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    Kinetics of monocytotropic Ehrlichia infections, new insights from large animal models [1]
    Large scale CpG island methylation profiling of small B cell lymphoma [1]
    Mechanism of induction of vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) in osteoarthritis [1]
    Mechanism of matrix metalloproteinase-14 (mmp-14) regulation during atherosclerosis [1]
    Micro-imaging characterization of mouse models of metastasis [1]
    Molecular genetic studies in canine inherited diseases including neonatal cerebellar ataxia, degenerative myelopathy and multiple system degeneration [1]
    Molecular genetics of spinal muscular atrophy: insights into various routes of therapeutic intervention [1]
    Murine theiloviruses: characterization and pathogenesis of enteric and disseminated disease [1]
    Phylogenetic characterization of canine distemper viruses detected in naturally infected North American dogs [1]
    Posttranscriptional gene regulation of IL-17 by the RNA-binding protein HuR required for initiation of autoimmune neuroinflammation [1]
    The role of load in initiation and progression of cartilage pathology [1]
    The role of macrophages and anti-viral antibodies in West Nile virus pathogenesis [1]
    The role of the innate immune system in microbially induced intestinal inflammation and neoplasia [1]
    A series of in vitro studies investigating the role of lactoferrin in calf innate immunity [1]
    Spinal muscular atrophy and the therapeutic application of trans-splicing RNA [1]
    Targeted 177 Lu antisense radiotherapy of B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma [1]
    Targeting the bombesin subtype 2 receptor for the diagnosis and treatment of metastatic prostate cancer [1]
    Three mutations that cause fifferent [i.e. different] forms of canine neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis [1]
    time points study [1]
    Transcriptional regulation of ADAM-12 expression under normal and osteoarthritic conditions [1]