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    Adding pieces to the monocytic ehrlichiosis puzzle: treatment, etiology and protection with a canine model
    Advances in the fundamental cryobiology of mammalian oocytes
    Amino-terminal sequences of the bacillus anthracis exosporium proteins BCLA and BCLB important for localization and attachment to the spore surface
    Arsenic speciation of swine urine for possible use in human exposure assessments
    Assessment of biomarker production by osteoarthritic osteochondral tissues and correlation to the biomechanical, biochemical, and histological properties
    Autologous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation as a therapy for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
    Biodistribution of lead, arsenic, and gold nanoparticles following respiratory, oral and IV exposure of rats and swine
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying immune tolerance against type 1 diabetes
    Characterization of interactions involving the polycystic kidney disease-causing proteins: SamCystin and Bicc1
    Characterization of skeletal muscle in mouse models of osteogenesis imperfecta and myostatin deficiency
    Characterization of the pigmentation locus in Yersinia pestis pathogenesis of pneumonic plague
    Characterization of the sporozoite and eythrocytic stages (SES) protein
    Characterizing the progression of disease associated with human meniscal pathology
    Comparative fundamental cryobiology of mouse embryonic stem cells
    Complex microbiota targeted rederivation (CMTR) as an alternative method to study effect of gut microbiota on host physiology
    Cruciate ligament pathogenesis and its role in the initiation and progression of osteoarthritis
    Decreasing perinatal bovine leukosis virus infection in calves
    Defining the therapeutic window in spinal muscular atrophy :
    Development and characterization of a novel meniscal extracellular matrix-derived scaffold
    Development of a nanomaterial-tissue patch for vascular and cardiac reconstruction