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    6-Thioguanine and zebularine globally demethylate a canine lyphoma cell line [1]
    Bisphenol A Data in NHANES Suggest Longer than Expected Half-Life, Substantial Nonfood Exposure, or Both [1]
    Bisphenol A Is Released from Used Polycarbonate Animal Cages into Water at Room Temperature [1]
    Canine pharmacodynamic assays: applications in immune-mediated disease [1]
    Cost and Consequences of Sedentary Living: New Battleground for an Old Enemy [1]
    Integration of exercise sciences research: Achieving a balance between reductionist versus integrative approaches [1]
    Large Effects from Small Exposures. I. Mechanisms for Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals with Estrogenic Activity [1]
    Molecular epidemiology of tick-borne Anaplasmataceae among client-owned dogs in Missouri [1]
    Neurons projecting to the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus are activated and contribute to cardiorespiratory responses to systemic acute hypoxia [1]
    New Approaches for Estimating Risk from Exposure to Diethylstilbestrol [1]
    Pathogenicity of Helicobacter ganmani infection in Helicobacter susceptible and resistant mice [1]
    Physiological responses of adipose tissue to different models of physical activity and inactivity [1]
    Preclinical evaluation of 177Lu-BBR2 antagonist radiothearpy of prostate cancer [1]
    Response [1]
    The role and mechanisms of hexokinase-2-mediated protection against cardiac cell death and disease [1]
    The role of spontaneous bursts of muscle sympathetic nerve activity in mediating peripheral vascular responses and cardiovascular hemodynamics in resting man [1]
    Targeting the Myofibroblast: New Strategies in Managing Equine Corneal Fibrosis [1]
    The use of a lysostaphin fusion protein as a dry-cow treatment for chronic Staphylococcus aureua mastitis in dairy cattle [1]
    Vascular actions of insulin in cardiometabolic disease : effects of metformin, physical activity, and intrinsic aerobic fitness [1]
    Why Public Health Agencies Cannot Depend on Good Laboratory Practices as a Criterion for Selecting Data: The Case of Bisphenol A [1]