• Bisphenol A Data in NHANES Suggest Longer than Expected Half-Life, Substantial Nonfood Exposure, or Both 

    Stahlhut, Richard W.; Welshons, Wade V.; Swan, Shanna H. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2009-05)
    It is commonly stated in the literature on human exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) that food is the predominant BPA exposure source, and that BPA is rapidly and completely cleared from the body. If this is correct, BPA levels ...
  • Bisphenol A Is Released from Used Polycarbonate Animal Cages into Water at Room Temperature 

    Howdeshell, Kembra L. (Kembra Lynne), 1968-; Peterman, Paul Herbert, 1948-; Judy, Barbara M.; Taylor, Julia A.; Orazio, Carl E.; Ruhlen, Rachel L.; vom Saal, Frederick S.; Welshons, Wade V. (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2003-07)
    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a monomer with estrogenic activity that is used in the production of food packaging, dental sealants, polycarbonate plastic, and many other products. The monomer has previously been reported to hydrolyze ...
  • Response 

    Welshons, Wade V.; Nagel, Susan C.; vom Saal, Frederick S. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 1998-07)
    Welshons et al. respond to Ashby and Odum regarding their experimental design research on fetal exposure to very low doses of the environmental estrogen bisphenol A.
  • Why Public Health Agencies Cannot Depend on Good Laboratory Practices as a Criterion for Selecting Data: The Case of Bisphenol A 

    Myers, John Peterson; vom Saal, Frederick S.; Akingbemi, Benson T.; Arizono, Koji; Belcher, Scott; Colborn, Theo; Chahoud, Ibrahim; Crain, D. Andrew, 1970-; Farabollini, Francesca; Guillette, Louis J., 1954-; Hassold, Terry J.; Ho, Shuk-mei; Hunt, Patricia A.; Iguchi, Taisen, 1951-; Jobling, Susan; Kanno, Jun; Laufer, Hans, 1929-; Marcus, Michele; McLachlan, John A.; Nadal, Angel; Oehlmann, Jörg; Olea, Nicolás; Palanza, Paola; Parmigiani, Stefano; Rubin, Beverly S.; Schoenfelder, Gilbert; Sonnenschein, C. (Carlos); Soto, A. M. (Ana M.); Talsness, Chris E.; Taylor, Julia A.; Vandenberg, Laura N.; Vandenbergh, John G.; Vogel, Sarah; Watson, Cheryl S., 1950-; Welshons, Wade V.; Zoeller, R. Thomas (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2009-03)
    We reviewed differences between industry-funded GLP studies of BPA conducted by commercial laboratories for regulatory purposes and non-GLP studies conducted in academic and government laboratories to identify hazards and ...