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    Essays in corporate finance [1]
    Estradiol regulates multiple tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium currents in gonadotropin releasing hormone neurons: implications for cellular regulation of reproduction [1]
    Estrogen receptor [alpha] and [beta] knock-out effects on skeletal muscle in mature female and male mice, and aromatase knock-out effects on skeletal muscle in mature male mice [1]
    Examination of nucleus accumbens mechanisms underlying the motivation for physical activity [1]
    FAST kinase domain-containing protein 1 in mitochondrial function, cell death and cardiovascular disease [1]
    Fgf2-stimulated proliferation is lower in muscle precursor cells from old rats [1]
    Gold nanoparticle-biomolecule conjugates : synthesis, properties, cellular interactions and cytotoxicity studies [1]
    Hyperglycemia and type 2 diabetes : impact on neural cardiovascular control [1]
    Hyperproliferation and altered WNT signaling in the Cystic fibrosis mouse intestine. [1]
    Immunomodulators in feline asthma [1]
    Immunomodulatory effects of opioids [1]
    In vitro evaluation of veterinary and human suture anchors in metaphyseal bone of the canine tibia [1]
    Inhibition of progestin-induced VEGF in mammary cancer by curcumin and 2-methoxy estradiol and their potential role as anti-angiogenic & chemopreventive compounds [1]
    The mechanism of C-type natriuretic peptide production in dogs and its use as a prognostic indicator in critically ill dogs [1]
    Mechanisms regulating skeletal muscle satellite cell cycle progression [1]
    Metabolic responses to a westernized diet administered to rats selectively bred for high and low amounts of voluntary exercise [1]
    A missense mutation in Atf2 in standard poodles with fatal neonatal encephalopathy [1]
    Modulation of the ACTH response to stress by IL-6, nitric oxide, diet and exercise [1]
    Molecular epidemiology of tick-borne Anaplasmataceae among client-owned dogs in Missouri [1]
    The molecules that move us : evaluating potential genetic and molecular determinants of physical activity motivation [1]