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    A reversal of fate : unravelling the role of central 5-HT in cardiorespiratory control in neonatal and adult rodents
    The role and mechanism of brain derived neurotrophic factor in autonomic and cardiovascular control in the nucleus tractus solitarii
    The role and mechanisms of hexokinase-2-mediated protection against cardiac cell death and disease
    The role of CFTR in regulating the cell cycle of intestinal stem cells
    Role of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) oxidase in upregulation of intermediate-conductance Ca[superscript 2+] -activated K[superscript +] channels (K[subscript Ca]3.1) associated with atherosclerosis
    The role of spontaneous bursts of muscle sympathetic nerve activity in mediating peripheral vascular responses and cardiovascular hemodynamics in resting man
    Role of the intermediate-conductance Ca²⁺-activated K⁺ channel (K[ca]3.1) in coronary smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulation
    Sensory integration during blood loss in conscious rabbits
    Specific neuronal phenotypes within the rostral ventrolateral medulla following cardiovascular deconditioning in rats
    Sympathetic control of the collateral circulation : effects of time post-occlusion and exercise training
    Targeting the myofibroblast : new strategies in managing equine corneal fibrosis
    Tavocept (BNP7787) : a novel chemoprotector/sensitizer and radioprotector/sensitizer
    The use of a lysostaphin fusion protein as a dry-cow treatment for chronic Staphylococcus aureua mastitis in dairy cattle
    The use of magnetic resonance imaging and proton spectroscopy to identify critical tissues in dogs with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for future assessment of therapeutic intervention : a pilot study
    Vascular actions of insulin in cardiometabolic disease : effects of metformin, physical activity, and intrinsic aerobic fitness
    Vascular maladaptations to chronic disease and physical inactivity