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    A comparative analysis of the relationships among language, oral vocabulary, reading vocabulary, and reading comprehension for adolescent students with learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders
    A comparison of three opportunities to respond strategies across students with emotional and behavioral disorders in high school classrooms
    A descriptive analysis of teachers' use of evidence-based practices across ethnicity, gender, and disabiltiy risk
    The effect of a morphological awareness intervention on early writing outcomes
    The effects of coaching and electronic performance feedback on teachers' use of behavior-specific praise and opportunities to respond
    The effects of culturally-based accommodations on behavioral skills training
    The effects of progress monitoring in early writing using curriculum-based measurement
    Evaluating the effectiveness of the core content of the incredible years with and without visual performance feedback for parents of children with autism
    Examination of a peer-mediated intervention as a method for the generalization of social skills among youth with high-functioning autism
    An examination of teacher-conducted trial-based functional analysis in juvenile justice classrooms
    An examination of the extracurricular activity participation, social skills, and school engagement of students with emotional and behavioral disorders
    An examination of the structural relationships of adolescent writing : implications of the Simple View of Writing
    Examining the technical adequacy of curriculum-based measurement progress monitoring in early numeracy using handheld technology
    An exploratory study of culturally responsive teaching practices for students who are ELLs
    Identifying predictors of intervention responsivity for children with high functioning autism
    The impact of trained peers on the generalization of social competence of adolescents with autism spectrum disorders participating in a school-based social competence program
    Investigating use of the Behavior Education Program for students with internalizing behavioral concerns
    An investigation of mentor and program characteristics associated with mentor perception of relationship quality
    Mathematics instruction for middle school students with and at-risk for behavioral disorders: a survey study
    Meta-analysis of single-subject research using hierarchical linear modeling: empirical examination of the procedure and functional behavior assessment-based interventions