• Epistemic Conditions for Collective Action 

    Chant, Sara Rachel; Ernst, Zachary (Oxford University Press, 2008-07)
    Writers on collective action are in broad agreement that in order for a group of agents to form a collective intention, the members of that group must have beliefs about the beliefs of the other members. But in spite of ...
  • How Game Theory explains stupid behavior 

    Ernst, Zachary (2010-02)
    MU Department of Philosophy Associate Professor Zachary Ernst delivers a summary explanation of Game Theory and it's influence on human behavior.
  • Robustness and Conceptual Analysis in Evolutionary Game Theory 

    Ernst, Zachary (University of Chicago Press, 2005)
    A variety of robustness objections have been made against evolutionary game theory. One of these objections alleges that the games used in the underlying model are too arbitrary and oversimplified to generate a robust ...