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    Death and burial in ancient Alexandria: the Necropolis of Moustapha Pasha
    Death in Roman Marche, Italy : a comparative study of burial rituals
    Dedications in clay: terracotta figurines in early Iron Age Greece (c. 1100-700 BCE)
    The depiction of smell in fifteenth-century Netherlandish painting as cultural sense memory and odor-cued prayer context
    The developing child in three portraits by Anne-Louis Girodet
    Ediciones Vigía books in art and cultural history
    Felix convivum: platters and transformations of dining behavior in the Roman world
    From loom to laundry: cloth finishers in the Roman city
    Herakles iconography on Tyrrhenian Amphorae
    Identity through style: the transatlantic dissemination of Anglican and Episcopalian neo-Gothic church architecture
    The impression of humor: Mary Cassatt and her rendering of wit
    It's styled by Helen Dryden : the fine art of good taste
    Judged by their covers: Robert Harrison's girlie magazines, 1941-1955
    Kurt Schwitters' An Anna Blume and the gendered politics of printmaking in Weimar Germany
    Late Roman ceramics from the Panayia Field, Corinth (late 4th to 7th C.): the long-distance, regional and local wares in their economic, social and historical contexts
    The lives of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in French stained glass
    Lt. Claggett Wilson, queer masculinity, and the formation of American modernism
    Marketing modernism to the maitresse de maison: art nouveau and the female consumer
    Micromosaics: Souvenirs, collective memory, and the reception of antiquity on the Grand Tour
    The military vici of Noricum