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    The Nemean Wells: sanctuary context and ritual activities in the northeast Peloponnese
    The new portrait Deguise : social identity of the Bourgeoisie in eighteenth-century France : select works by Jean-Marc Nattier
    The painted panel crucifixes of the early Franciscans as a response to the Cathar Heresy
    Painting the wine-dark sea: traveling Aegean fresco artists in the Middle and late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean
    Pictorial representations of monkeys and simianesque creatures in Greek art
    Pieces of the sun: amber in Mycenaean economy and society
    The postmaster's porcelain : collecting European decorative art in middle America
    Pottery from two late Roman wells in the Athenian Agora
    The practice of piety and virtual pilgrimage at St. Katherine's Convent in Augsburg
    Praesentia et potentia in the Cubiculum Leonis in the catacomb of Commodilla, Rome: late ancient martyr cult in a late Roman's tomb
    Regional variation in protopalatial Crete?: a comparison of Minoan domestic and funerary architecture in Eastern and Central Crete
    Road work ahead: the transformation of the colonnaded street in sixth and early seventh century Palestine and Arabia
    Roman Egypt: change amid continuity in the art and architecture of an Eastern Imperial Province
    The sacred life of the hetaira in ancient Greece
    Seeing into the mirror: the reality of fiction in the work of Carrie Mae Weems
    Sisterhood as strategy : the collaborations of American women artists in the gilded age
    That wasn't funny!: the critical humor of Otto Dix in Weimar Germany
    The torn page: fashioning identity through Venetian incunabular ornament
    The transatlantic dissemination of Anglican and Episcopalian neo-Gothic church architecture
    Transgressions: drag and contemporary self-portrait photography