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    It's all in the face : an examination of attitudes and self perceptions of viewers after being exposed to pictures of fat women in the media
    "It's gonna be some drama!" : a content analytical study of the portrayals of African Americans and historically black colleges and universities on BET's College Hill
    It's just Greek to you : a qualitative study of impression management among Greek alumni in academics
    Labor union communication : effect of labor media on local union vote choice
    Let's agree to agree : effects of self-awareness and social identity on online deliberation
    Let's talk about sex : the influence of a sexy media diet on college freshmen's endorsement of the hookup culture, peer influence, and behaviors regarding casual sex and sexual risk taking
    Life after work : identity, communication, and retirement
    Little bits and pieces : the process of revealing sexual information in close mother-daughter relationships
    The lived experiences of individuals who have been technologically stalked by a past intimate : a hermeneutic phenomenological study through a Communication Privacy Management Theory lens
    Make America politically incorrect (again) : a genealogy with applications to the 2016 presidential campaign
    Managing identities during social change
    Managing uncertainty during unemployment : a phenomenological exploration of social class differences
    Managing Unemployment: A Comparative, Critical Ethnographic Analysis Of Unemployment Organizations
    Maternal gestural input to young children : the role of age, language ability, context, and pragmatic function
    Media and politics in Cambodia : the conditional mediated effects of motivation on political attitudes
    Media and social support : exploring how communication media, personality traits and parasocial interaction affect social support receipt, stress and emotion
    The mediated myth of rock and roll
    Mother, father, husband, wife, soldier : identity-negotiation of veterans during re-entry into family life post-deployment
    Mugwumps and never trumps : the rhetoric of party bolting and party repair
    Narratives of the presidential nominating conventions : branding the parties and candidates