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    The effects of political message frames on aggression [1]
    An expedition into the uncharted territory of modern Chinese men and masculinities [1]
    Exploring audience responses to self-reflexivity in television narratives [1]
    Exploring the communicative and attitudinal covariates of violent and non-violent political engagement / [1]
    Exploring the role of extended family members in relation to a chronic family stressor : explicating the association between support, standards, stress, and coping in the context of autism [1]
    Factoring in gamer identity : the application of social identity theory and flow to understanding video game violence effects [1]
    Families are for thriving, not just surviving : aged out foster youths' experiences of family, home, and estrangement [1]
    Family communication about genetic disease risk : investigating factors promoting disclosure and individual well-being [1]
    Fantasy football participation and media usage [1]
    The filth and the fury : a rhetoric of punk [1]
    For better or worse? : the impact of accounts and attributions following marital infidelity [1]
    Forgotten bonds : the role of sibling relationships in foster families [1]
    Fostering family : how communication sustains and functions in foster families [1]
    Fragmented whole : a theory of narrative and identity [1]
    Gender and racestyle coverage in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries [1]
    Gendered and classed stereotyping : the effects of viewing Teen Mom [1]
    Generational shifts and the creation of political selves : a focus group investigation [1]
    Go USA ... go world : nationalist and internationalist priming effects through Olympic telecasts [1]
    A grounded theory approach : inter-organizational relationships in community college fundraising [1]
    Identity-motivated elaboration : the role of partisan social identities and elaboration in political persuasion and learning [1]