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    Divine appointments: living life with maximum impact [1]
    The effects of political message frames on aggression [1]
    An expedition into the uncharted territory of modern Chinese men and masculinities [1]
    Exploring audience responses to self-reflexivity in television narratives [1]
    Family communication about genetic disease risk: investigating factors promoting disclosure and individual well-being [1]
    Fantasy football participation and media usage [1]
    For better or worse?: the impact of accounts and attributions following marital infidelity [1]
    Fragmented whole: a theory of narrative and identity [1]
    Gender and racestyle coverage in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries [1]
    Gendered and classed stereotyping: the effects of viewing Teen Mom [1]
    Generational shifts and the creation of political selves: a focus group investigation [1]
    Go USA...go world: nationalist and internationalist priming effects through Olympic telecasts [1]
    Information, pleasure, and persuasion: how motivations function in talking politics [1]
    "It's gonna be some drama!": A content analytical study of the portrayals of African Americans and historically black colleges and universities on BET's College Hill [1]
    It's just Greek to you: a qualitative study of impression management among Greek alumni in academics [1]
    Its all in the Face: An Examination of Attitudes and Self Perceptions of Viewers after Being Exposed to Pictures of Fat Women in the Media [1]
    Let's talk about sex: the influence of a sexy media diet on college freshmen's endorsement of the hookup culture, peer influence, and behaviors regarding casual sex and sexual risk taking [1]
    Life after work: identity, communication, and retirement [1]
    Little bits and pieces: the process of revealing sexual information in close mother-daughter relationships [1]