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    The mediated myth of rock and roll [1]
    Mother, father, husband, wife, soldier: identity-negotiation of veterans during re-entry into family life post-deployment [1]
    Negative political advertising and the charge of inconsistency: the rhetoric of "flip-flop" arguments [1]
    Negotiating identity & managing roles: a phenomenological analysis of volunteers' lived experiences [1]
    A neo-Gramscian communication analysis of structure and agency in the hegemonic struggle for meaning: organic retailer and organic activist group [1]
    Nonprofits and new media: how do NPOs and their employees adopt and use new media to communicate with and influence their community? [1]
    Parent/child distal relationships: a look at communication used before, during, and after a parental absence [1]
    The political storytelling system [1]
    Queer affluence, popular media, and the matter of the openly gay spokesperson [1]
    Reality TV and interpersonal relationship perceptions [1]
    The reverend, the terrorist, and a web of rumors: the image repair discourse of Barack Obama [1]
    The role of family communication in individual attitudes and behaviors concerning nutrition and physical activity [1]
    Selling class: constructing the professional middle class in America [1]
    Seriously funny: a look at humor in televised presidential debates [1]
    Spiritual labor and spiritual dissonance in the total institution of the parochial boarding school [1]
    Stigma and sexuality: how burn survivors and relational partners manage their experiences [1]
    Stigmatization in the classroom: an experimental study evaluating the efficacy of instructor strategic communicative responses to student stigmatization [1]
    Testing an integrated body image media model : focusing on a cross-cultural comparison between US and Korean college women [1]
    Throw the bums out: anti-government rhetoric in the 2010 Congressional elections [1]
    Unexposed, unexplored, and unresolved conflict as precursors to the failure of high technology projects [1]