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    Politics, polarization, and posting on social media: the gender gap and normative effects of social pressure
    Queer affluence, popular media, and the matter of the openly gay spokesperson
    Reality TV and interpersonal relationship perceptions
    The reverend, the terrorist, and a web of rumors: the image repair discourse of Barack Obama
    The role of family communication in individual attitudes and behaviors concerning nutrition and physical activity
    Selling class: constructing the professional middle class in America
    Seriously funny: a look at humor in televised presidential debates
    “Shots reported on campus:” An experimental study of crisis communication and emergency message design and dissemination
    Spiritual labor and spiritual dissonance in the total institution of the parochial boarding school
    Stigma and sexuality : how burn survivors and relational partners manage their experiences
    Stigma management strategy effectiveness in procuring job protected leave
    Stigmatization in the classroom: an experimental study evaluating the efficacy of instructor strategic communicative responses to student stigmatization
    Strategic masculinity: A grounded theory examination of the discourse of masculinity for college men
    "Tell me so that I can help you" : A turning point analysis of privacy in the development of parental caregiving relationships
    Testing an integrated body image media model : focusing on a cross-cultural comparison between US and Korean college women
    A thousand TV shows : applying a rhizomatic lens to television genres
    Throw the bums out: anti-government rhetoric in the 2010 Congressional elections
    Unexposed, unexplored, and unresolved conflict as precursors to the failure of high technology projects
    Weinergate, Twitter, and marginalized voices: Political sex scandals in a new media environment
    Working hard or working class? : Neoliberalism and working-class representation in contemporary television