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    America's invisible workers: a study of migrant out-of-school youth [1]
    Attitudes, awareness and actions of the residents of the Hinkson Creek watershed regarding water quality and environmentalism [1]
    A case study of a bio-science network: the Kansas City animal health and nutrition corridor [1]
    A case study on the use of focus groups as participatory research [1]
    College freshmen's perception of racism at the University of Missouri-Columbia: do you see what I see? [1]
    Competing agri-environmental paradigms and technology transfer: negotiating the nature of agroforestry in Missouri [1]
    Economic and social foundations of collective action: an inter-disciplinary institutional approach to Mexican dairy farmers [1]
    Encounter on a home-delivered raw milk route [1]
    Exploring the impact of the Millennium Village Promise on community networks: the case of Sauri Millennium Village in western Kenya [1]
    Factors effecting Black natural resources professionals' decisions to relocate [1]
    Gendered waters: the participation of women on the program 'One million cisterns' in the Brazilian semi-arid region [1]
    How communication impacts network structure and access to community social capital [1]
    Influence of economic restructuring on rural Missouri high school dropout rates [1]
    Investigations from the ribcage: the (dis)embodied order of safety, children, and the problematics of public school policy practice [1]
    Land dykes in the Ozarks: lesbian feminists living menopause and beyond [1]
    Leading in the Mississippi Delta: an exploratory study of race, class and gender [1]
    Paths to agroforestry: landowner types, land use and perceptions [1]
    Power in the garden: exploring the lives of Missouri farm women and their vegetable gardens during the Great Depression [1]
    Protection, production, prosperity: Costa Rican farmers respond to the windbreaks project [1]
    The role of social support: homeless youth and young adults in two communities in central Missouri [1]