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    Household saving motives : a cross-country comparison
    The Impact of financial planning on portfolio performance
    Market performance and the timing of retirement
    Millennials' retirement saving behavior : account ownership and balance
    A multidisciplinary study on juvenile recidivism and multilevel impacts: risk factors, neighborhood features, and juvenile justice intervention
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    Optimal selection of blocked robust parameter designs and their applications
    Participation in tax deferred retirement programs in a defined benefit environment
    Prior investment outcomes and stock investment in defined contribution plans
    Racial differences in households' financial asset allocation, 1992-2004
    Review of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition by American Psychological Association
    Review of the book Consumer Economics : The Consumer in our Society by Zelenak, M. & Reiboldt, W.
    The Role of market returns in retirement decision-making
    The role of time preference on wealth
    Selection of non-regular fractional factorial designs when some two-factor interactions are important
    Self-perceived age and attitudes toward marketing of older consumers in China
    Source of information and projected household investment portfolio performance
    Taiwan old age allowance policy: Effects on saving and consumption
    Use of financial planners and portfolio performance
    Wealth accumulation differences between wage-earning and entrepreneurial families: the role of active saving behavior