This colloquium introduced many topics in the broad field of One Health Security in the context of U.S. national security, helped demystify the business of the Intelligence Community for the American public and worked inspire participants to consider the intelligence enterprise as an employer of choice. A IC CAE Regional Colloquium hosted by the Office of the Assistant to the Provost for Strategic Opportunities at the University of Missouri in partnership with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Intelligence Community (IC) Centers for Academic Excellence (CAE) program, this colloquium was held on April 12, 2011. A related workshop, Bio-terrorism and and Complex Systems, followed on April 13-14, 2011.

Recent Submissions

  • National Security Entrepreneurship: Partnerships with the Private Sector panel 

    Driskill, Joseph; Brown, Lisa M. Kirk; Dabson, Brian; Fender, Chris; Fennewald, Paul H.; Magee, Suzanne; Monsees, Rob (2011-04)
    Some of the most innovative approaches to solving national securitychallenges involve academia, and the private sector teaming with the U.S. government. This discussion addressed the enormous scale of opportunities that ...
  • The Knowledge Management Tsunami: Making Sense of Complex Intelligence and National Security Issues panel 

    Magee, Suzanne; Bowyer, Barbara; Cameron, Glen T.; Cui, Helen; Shyu, Chi-Ren; H., Melissa; L., Mark (2011-04)
    Experts will address the challenge of information overload, sensing, and sense-making in support of the national security analytic process. Perspectives will emphasize the technology and information needs of an end user ...
  • One Health: Addressing the Challenges of Global Health and Food Security panel 

    Simpson, Gary; Barnes, Stephen; Franz, David R., D.V.M.; McNamara, Tracey; Pittman, Barry; Wilson, James M. (2011-04)
    This panel will provided an expert-centered overview of operational, policy, and critical decision-making threats, opportunities, and strengths that shape the effectiveness of health and food protection and security locally, ...
  • The 21st Century Intelligence Community Enterprise: Challenges and Opportunities panel 

    Kilpatrick, James; Brown, Lisa M. Kirk; Cudmore, David; H., Melissa; L., Mark; T., Dan; Wever, Katherine M. (2011-04)
    The structure, function, and dynamics of today's Intelligence Community were described with an emphasis on human capital and career opportunities. A number of examples of trans-disciplinary career possibilities that span ...
  • Participant biographies 

    This document provides, in alphabetical order, short biographies of the colloquium participants.
  • Emerging Threats to One Health: Implications to U.S. National Security Program 

    The program for the April 12, 2011 colloquium on Emerging Threats to One Health: Implications to U.S. National Security.
  • An Introduction to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence 

    Gant, Lenora Peters (Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 2011-03)
    This presentation from Dr. Lenora Peters Gant, the Director, Office of the Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence in National Security Studies (IC CAE), in the Office of the director of National Intelligence ...
  • Welcome from Dr. Lenora Gant 

    Gant, Lenora Peters (2011-03)
    This letter from Dr. Lenora Gant, the Deputy Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Human Capital (DADNI/HC) and Director, Office of the Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence in National Security ...
  • Welcome from Dr. Annette Sobel 

    Sobel, Annette (2011-03)
    This letter from Dr. Annette Sobel, the host of the workshop, welcomed participants and encouraged them to collaborate with each other.