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    Decentralization in parliamentary systems : new perspectives on its causes and consequences
    Democratization and exchange rates
    Determinants and consequences of private environmental regimes
    Determinants of civil wars : a quantitative analysis
    Determinants of international cooperation : reciprocity, opportunity, and cooperative norms
    Deterring true believers : perffect [sic] deterrence theory, capability and the problem of Al Qaeda
    The dilemma of liberal democracies : an aggregate analysis of counterterrorist efforts
    Diversionary diplomacy: domestic political effects on US-directed foreign policy in Russia
    Does difference make a difference? women foreign policy leaders and state conflict behavior
    The dynamics of modern realignments : examining the role of campaign messages in the realignment process
    Economic sanctions and human security : overstated backfire
    Economic sanctions, resource wealth, and increased state utility
    Economic voting in new democracies
    The effect of civil society on governance and institutional performance in third- and fourth-Wave democracies
    The effect of tillage and crop roation on soybean and soil health
    Elite defection and legitimacy in democratic revolutions : a comparative case study of Serbia, Ukraine, and Iran
    An empirical assessment of the political and gendered consequences of economic sanctions
    The environmental health paradox: how combining public health with environmental protection may tip the balance in favor of public health programming
    Federal employee satisfaction : factors influencing the perception of the public servant experience
    Foreign policy during intrastate and extrastate conflict : patterns of support, retaliation, and opportunism