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    Economic sanctions and human security : overstated backfire [1]
    Economic sanctions, resource wealth, and increased state utility [1]
    Economic voting in new democracies [1]
    The effect of civil society on governance and institutional performance in third- and fourth-Wave democracies [1]
    The effect of tillage and crop roation on soybean and soil health [1]
    Elite defection and legitimacy in democratic revolutions : a comparative case study of Serbia, Ukraine, and Iran [1]
    Elite purges in dictatorships [1]
    An empirical assessment of the political and gendered consequences of economic sanctions [1]
    The environmental health paradox: how combining public health with environmental protection may tip the balance in favor of public health programming [1]
    Federal employee satisfaction : factors influencing the perception of the public servant experience [1]
    Foreign policy during intrastate and extrastate conflict : patterns of support, retaliation, and opportunism [1]
    Free trade agreements in Japan and East Asian regionalism : Sino-Japanese rivalry and beyond [1]
    From trade to international conflict : seeking empirical and theoretical convergence [1]
    Games leaders play : renegade regimes and international crises [1]
    Great games redux: energy security and the emergence of tripolarity in Eurasia [1]
    Hawks and doves reconsidered: the case of US foreign policy [1]
    Human rights in presidential democracies : does a runoff rule reduce repression? [1]
    The human rights trade: understanding the inclusion of human rights provisions in bilateral trade agreements [1]
    The ideological gap : behavioral trends of the politically active, 1976-2004 [1]
    The impact of European Union membership conditionality of human rights in Turkey [1]