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    Federal employee satisfaction : factors influencing the perception of the public servant experience
    Foreign policy during intrastate and extrastate conflict : patterns of support, retaliation, and opportunism
    Free trade agreements in Japan and East Asian regionalism : Sino-Japanese rivalry and beyond
    From trade to international conflict : seeking empirical and theoretical convergence
    Games leaders play : renegade regimes and international crises
    Great games redux: energy security and the emergence of tripolarity in Eurasia
    Hawks and doves reconsidered: the case of US foreign policy
    The human rights trade: understanding the inclusion of human rights provisions in bilateral trade agreements
    The ideological gap : behavioral trends of the politically active, 1976-2004
    The impact of European Union membership conditionality of human rights in Turkey
    The impact of international institutions on foreign aid delivery tactics
    The impact of social identities on partisanship during a realignment period
    Impeachment in Paraguay 2012: the case of Fernando Lugo
    Improving studies of war outcomes and termination : introducing the battles of modern warfare data set
    Indigenous political representation in Bolivia
    Institutions and instability? : a neo-institutional analysis of state economic volatility
    Institutions and issues : explaining radical right party existence and support in Europe, 1980-2005
    International sporting events and human rights : does the host nation play fair?
    International trade : costs, coercion, and conflict
    Irresistible force : the impact of state task forces on legislative outputs