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    Less risky investment? : The impact of federalism on the inflow of foreign direct investment
    The logic of decisions in militarized disputes : the effect of regime, power, arms contorol [sic], and airpower on decision-making in militarized disputes
    Mining the state : the subnational consequences of natural resource extraction on citizen engagement
    The myth of monetary surrogacy : the geographical logic of campaign contributions in state legislative campaigns
    The National Endowment for Democracy: a quantitative analysis on the effectiveness of grants promoting democracy
    Nationalization and party system dynamics : how the nationalization of party support and party systems determines the number of parties
    The nature and effects of political party culture on political careers
    A new measure of economic voting : priority heuristic theory and combining sociotropic and egocentric evaluations
    The nexus between soft power and US foreign aid
    Non-emergency exits : voluntary retirements from legislatures
    Notes on scandal : lobbying reforms and public opinion in Canada
    Origins and changes of East Asian party systems and voter alignments : social conditions, issue effects, and party coalitions
    Partisan use of house special rules in foreign and defense legislation
    Party power in the U.S. house : discharge petitions, agenda control, and conditional party government
    Passive representation and the client-bureaucrat relationship: communication and demand inducement in the patient-provider relationship
    Political action committee behavior in the era of soft money and bipartisan campaign reform
    The political and economic consequences of the summit diplomatic activity of the U.S. president
    The political economy of functional federalism : exploring the effect of federal welfare policy on state economic performance
    The political economy of human well-being
    The political economy of property rights : institutions, interests, and economic prosperity