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    Origins and changes of East Asian party systems and voter alignments : social conditions, issue effects, and party coalitions [1]
    Partisan use of house special rules in foreign and defense legislation [1]
    Party power in the U.S. house : discharge petitions, agenda control, and conditional party government [1]
    Passive representation and the client-bureaucrat relationship: communication and demand inducement in the patient-provider relationship [1]
    Personalist dictators and the choice of military intervention in civil conflicts [1]
    Political action committee behavior in the era of soft money and bipartisan campaign reform [1]
    The political and economic consequences of the summit diplomatic activity of the U.S. president [1]
    The political economy of functional federalism : exploring the effect of federal welfare policy on state economic performance [1]
    The political economy of human well-being [1]
    The political economy of property rights : institutions, interests, and economic prosperity [1]
    The political foundations of welfare development : regime type, domestic pressures, and social spending in Latin America [1]
    The political representation cycle and citizen satisfaction with the Democratic process [1]
    Political survival and diversionary use of force [1]
    Power-sharing and democratic development : nested analysis of political institutions in third-wave democracies [1]
    The price of success : unified government and midterm elections [1]
    Reanalyzing small-scale protests: is success more than just a numbers game? [1]
    Redundancy in a community corrections network : testing the role of service-provider redundancy in Missouri's community correction implementation network [1]
    The regulation that comes from combination : the effects of combining multiple policy areas within a single environmental protection agency in the states [1]
    The relationship between ideology and climate change opinion in Latin America [1]
    Rhetoric as repression : the roles and effects of government framing [1]