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    Reanalyzing small-scale protests: is success more than just a numbers game?
    Redundancy in a community corrections network: testing the role of service-provider redundancy in Missouri's community correction implementation network
    The regulation that comes from combination : the effects of combining multiple policy areas within a single environmental protection agency in the states
    Rhetoric as repression : the roles and effects of government framing
    Sanctioning smarter?: the impact of smart sanctions on democracy and human rights
    A search for the behavioral roots of consociationalism: the case of Kenya
    Selection before Election: The Direct Primary and Responsible Party Nomination
    Severing the electoral connection : public preferences for governing through experts
    Shaping the Game : Federalism and Voting Behavior in Advanced Industrial Democracies
    Shared affinities : the effect of shared neoliberal orientation on foreign policy behaviors
    Sparks on kindling: terrorism's role in civil war onset, recurrence, and escalation
    State actions and response following instances of politicide
    State ethics commissions : determinants and effects of commission adoption
    A Study of Economic Voting Behavior in a Multilevel Institutional Context
    Studying Janus behavior: how support, deterrence, grievances and organizational structure shape violent and peaceful behaviors
    Suspicious signs: effects of newscaster scripts, symbols and actions on audience perception of news organization bias
    Systematic stages of group realignment case study : black group realignment, 1912-1964
    Taking grievance seriously: public goods provision and the incidence of civil violence
    Traditional institutions, authortarian [sic] legacies, and democratic support in southern Africa
    Understanding citizen satisfaction with democracy in Central and Eastern Europe