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    Understanding citizen satisfaction with democracy in Central and Eastern Europe [1]
    Understanding ethnoreligious conflict : the state, discrimination and international politics [1]
    Understanding federal preeminence in disaster management : a punctuated equilibrium approach [1]
    Understanding of state capacity in civil war onset, 1984-1999 [1]
    Unelected oversight : the politics of government investigations and problem monitoring [1]
    The view from the other side of the aisle : congressional party switchers and their environments [1]
    Waging campaigns on television : optimizing target audience exposure in the modern campaign [1]
    War so terrible : the informal theory of interstate warfare and the determinants of interstate war outcomes [1]
    War, what is it good for? Absolutely something : a large N study of conflict efficacy [1]
    What determines vote share in city council elections?: the incumbent advantage and economic voting [1]
    What economic sanctions signal : cheap talk, or putting your money where your mouth is? [1]
    What is driving Chinese foreign direct investment in Latin America? [1]
    What's driving Chinese foreign direct investment in Latin America? [1]
    When welfare states retrench : the relationship between median voter prferences, government debt and welfare state outcomes in established democracies [1]
    Who drives defense policy : elites or public interest? [1]
    Why do people abstain from the European Parliament elections? : an empirical test of second order theory, 1979-1999 [1]
    Women state legislators and represenation [sic] : a case study of Missouri, 1923-2009 [1]