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    Suspicious signs : effects of newscaster scripts, symbols and actions on audience perception of news organization bias
    Systematic stages of group realignment case study : black group realignment, 1912-1964
    Taking grievance seriously : public goods provision and the incidence of civil violence
    Traditional institutions, authortarian [sic] legacies, and democratic support in southern Africa
    Understanding citizen satisfaction with democracy in Central and Eastern Europe
    Understanding ethnoreligious conflict : the state, discrimination and international politics
    Understanding federal preeminence in disaster management : a punctuated equilibrium approach
    Understanding of state capacity in civil war onset, 1984-1999
    The view from the other side of the aisle : congressional party switchers and their environments
    Waging campaigns on television : optimizing target audience exposure in the modern campaign
    War so terrible : the informal theory of interstate warfare and the determinants of interstate war outcomes
    War, what is it good for? Absolutely something : a large N study of conflict efficacy
    What determines vote share in city council elections?: the incumbent advantage and economic voting
    What economic sanctions signal : cheap talk, or putting your money where your mouth is?
    What is driving Chinese foreign direct investment in Latin America?
    What's driving Chinese foreign direct investment in Latin America?
    When welfare states retrench : the relationship between median voter prferences, government debt and welfare state outcomes in established democracies
    Who drives defense policy : elites or public interest?
    Why do people abstain from the European Parliament elections? : an empirical test of second order theory, 1979-1999
    Women state legislators and represenation [sic] : a case study of Missouri, 1923-2009