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    Advocacy INGOs in multi-ethnic societies [1]
    Agendas and committees in American state legislatures : the causes and consequences of matching priorities with institutional roles [1]
    American exceptionalism, missionary politics, and the religious impulse in contemporary foreign policy attitudes [1]
    Assessing the independence of state parties : issue ownership and morality politics in US state party platforms [1]
    Authoritarian successor parties and political protest in Asia [1]
    Black and blue : exploring protests, African American attitudes, and law enforcement behavior [1]
    Bullying the resource-rich : the effect of natural resource wealth on coercive diplomacy [1]
    The Bush effect : campaign news linking presidential candidates to the incumbent president [1]
    Can money buy health? : foreign aid, changes in aid, and the impact of human health in sub-Saharan Africa [1]
    Can trust substitute for quality institutions to promote economic growth? [1]
    Causes of domestic terrorism: 1970-2010 [1]
    Channeling the waves : the use of radio narrowcasting on niche voting groups in the 2005 Virginia gubernatorial election [1]
    Chinese decision-making in reponse to foreign policy crises, 1949-1996 : a poliheuristic analysis [1]
    Church and state : a content analysis of religion in the news during the 2008 presidential election [1]
    Colonial inclusivity : historical education and state capacity in post-colonial states [1]
    Comparing theories of the policy process and state tuition policy : critical theory, institutional rational choice, and advocacy coalitions [1]
    Conditional justice : determining implementation and effectiveness of transitional justice mechanisms / [1]
    Confucian values and economic performance: exploring their effects on citizens satisfaction with democracy [1]
    Corruption and economic growth in transition economies [1]
    Corruption loves company : the interactive effect of corruption and resources on economic growth [1]