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    Academic Advising in Agricultural Education: Students' Needs & Faculty Performance [1]
    Academic advising in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources : an investigation of undergraduate students' needs and faculty performance [1]
    Agricultural Education Program Planning Handbook for Missouri Schools [1]
    Agriculture teachers' perception and practice for teaching students with disabilities [1]
    Assessment of teachers' ability to integrate science concepts into secondary agriculture programs [1]
    An assessment of the cognitive behavior exhibited by secondary agriculture teachers [1]
    Barriers to adoption of precision agriculture competencies in secondary agriculture education programs: a case study [1]
    A case study of teen leadership development within a 4-H camp counselor experience [1]
    A case study of youth-adult partnerships in the development of youth & adult social capital : SW Missouri, 4-H engaging youth, serving community project [1]
    The coefficient of digestion as influenced by the plane of nutrition of the animal [1]
    A comparison of teachers' and students' multicultural competence and racial color-blindness in ethnically diverse and non-diverse FFA chapters [1]
    Comparison of the ash of the new-born calf with that of the full-grown steer [1]
    Complete genome sequence of desulfovibrio desulfuricans IC1, a sulfonate-respiring anaerobe [1]
    Composition of soil as affected by different cropping systems [1]
    The concentration of radium and mesothrorium bromides by fractional crystallization [1]
    Conceptualizing the process of supporting youths' psychological needs and intrinsic motivation within school based agricultural education programs : a mixed methods study [1]
    Creative and Effective Teaching:Perceptions of CAFNR Faculty [1]
    Determinations of various forms of nitrogen in bovine flesh, including the products of hydrolysis of some of the proteins [1]
    The dicamba debate : a content analysis of the portrayal of dicamba herbicide in agricultural media [1]
    Early career faculty development at selected midwestern land-grant colleges of agriculture and related sciences [1]