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    A case study of youth-adult partnerships in the development of youth & adult social capital: SW Missouri, 4-H engaging youth, serving community project
    A comparison of teachers' and students' multicultural competence and racial color-blindness in ethnically diverse and non-diverse FFA chapters
    Conceptualizing the process of supporting youths' psychological needs and intrinsic motivation within school based agricultural education programs: a mixed methods study
    Early career faculty development at selected midwestern land-grant colleges of agriculture and related sciences
    The economic consequences of water utility disruptions
    Effect of problem-based learning on critical thinking ability and content knowledge of secondary agriculture students
    Effect of problem-based learning on knowledge acquisition, knowledge retention, and critical thinking ability of agriculture students in urban schools
    Effects of instructor-led feedback conferences on the level of reflective thought among senior-level students enrolled in a teaching methods course in agricultural education
    Employability skills and students' self-perceived competence for careers in hospitality industry
    Examining the beliefs of pre-service teachers in agricultural education toward the use of inquiry teaching : a grounded theory study
    Factors influencing agricultural education students' choice to teach
    Factors influencing Missouri high school agricultural mechanics students safety climate attitudes
    Factors influencing socially responsible leadership development in college students
    Factors influencing students' self-perceived levels of civic responsibility during FFA sponsored civic engagement activities
    Factors influencing the college choice of African-American students admitted to the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural resources
    Frequency of coaching behaviors used by agriculture teachers in relation to the State Floriculture Career Development event team rank
    Graduates' and employers' perceptions of entry-level employability skills needed by Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources graduates
    The impact of lecture capture on academic performance
    The influence of social support on teacher self-efficacy in novice agricultural education teachers
    The influence of teacher efficacy on North Carolina Agriculture teachers' perceived success in working with students with special needs