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    Abortion decision-making and the impact of the 72-hour waiting period
    African American males navigating their way to college : a socio-ecological resiliency model
    Analysis of alternative care placement changes as provided by case managers
    Contributing factors for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine acceptance among African American young adults
    Coping among pregnant, rural, low-income women facing intimate partner violence (pregnancy to three months postnatal)
    Cultivating a landscape for food justice: an exploratory study of community food security measurement to inform community-based intervention strategies
    Designated hospice rooms in nursing homes: a new model of end-of-life care
    The effects of gender, academic concerns, and social support on stress for international students
    Effects of personal and environmental factors on social engagement in later life
    Empowerment for social justice: a grounded theory study of social work field instruction strategies
    Engagement of geographically diverse Head Start families
    Exploratory study of victim advocacy practices, strategies, resistance and relationships among crime victim service agencies
    Factors that predict graduation among college students with disabilities
    Falling through the cracks: child care decision-making among the working poor
    Housing subsidy and self-perception of well-being: does housing subsidy make a difference in residents' perception of their physical and mental health?
    Information and communication technology use, social support, and life satisfaction among Korean immigrant elders
    Legalized orphans: parental relinquishment to child welfare
    A longitudinal study of differences in staff assaults by responses to residents in a forensic hospital
    Making space for critical race theory within therapeutic settings :
    Perceptions of childhood as indicators of early attachment deficits among individuals with a history of violent crime