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    Adaptive controls and anesthesiology: Is there a future? [1]
    Alternative transcripts of the RPS4 resistance gene in Arabidopsis: Do they produce truncated proteins? [1]
    Analysis of family 24 of the Arabidopsis thaliana J-domain chaperone proteins [abstract] [1]
    Apoptosis...controlling nature's destructive process [abstract] [1]
    Automatic controllers: Stability and performance in clinical anesthesia [1]
    Benefits of soy-based feeds for fetal estrogen levels and obesity in adulthood [1]
    Bovine oocyte permeability in 1, 2-propanediol [1]
    A case study of colliding tornadic storms [1]
    Cell-matrix interaction in tissue patterning [1]
    Characterization of degeneration in the retina, brain and spinal cord of the Cln1 knockout mouse [1]
    Chromatin-level regulation in maize [abstract] [1]
    Cloning auxin-responsive genes for future study in Arabidopsis [abstract] [1]
    Comparative analyses of NA genome in Zea maize [1]
    A comparative study of commercially synthesize immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips for two-dimensional electrophoresis [1]
    Comparison of different methods for removing metals from resins for applications to radiochemical seperations [1]
    A computational model for genetically inherited depression [1]
    Corolla length and autogamy in Nicotiana [1]
    The correlation between Chicano theater and Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed [1]
    Coupling ammonia-N production with ammonia-N uptake in the rumen [1]
    Determining the feasibility of anesthetization with a MS-222 solution in combination with cardiocentesis in male gray treefrogs (hyla versicolor) [1]