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  • Mizzou, volume 108, number 1 (2019 Fall) 

    (MU Alumni Association, University of Missouri, 2019)
  • Cuba libros 

    Wilkins, Marcus (2011)
    Part literature, part artistic creation and part assemblage, Ediciones Vigia books offer a unique medium for the written word. Juanamaria Cordones-Cook, professor of Spanish and collector of the Cuban books, wants to spread ...
  • News value 

    Smith, Dale; Stauffer, Brian (2011)
  • It's basic 

    Pitts, Jonathan (1999)
    Norm Stewart says team fundamentals are make-or-break.
  • Midlife mind 

    Hopson, Janet L.; O'Connor, Nancy; Hill, Rob (1999)
    In your 40s or 50s? Feeling a bit slow on the courts and around the office? Sorry, boomer. It's too soon to blame it on your aging brain.
  • The next generation 

    Klingensmith, Dawn; Hill, Rob (1999)
    Parents hand down their college of choice to the next generation.
  • Too much to bear 

    Barbero, Dr. Giulio J. (1999)
    This story by Dr. Giulio J. Barbero (1923-1997) is his words on the role of sensitivity in the field of medicine when dealing with patients with illness and pain. (Supplied by cataloger)
  • Parenting without pushing 

    Adler, Eric; Foster, Travis (1999)
    They're among the most vexing questions parents face: How hard do you push your child? How much is enough? When do you back off?
  • Siblings 

    Kelsh, Nick; Quindlen, Anna (1999)
    From "Siblings." Published by Penguin Studio Editions. Reprinted by permission of International Creative Management, INC. Text copyright 1998 Anna Quindlen, photographers copyright 1998 Nick Kelsh.
  • Norm bows 

    Reineke, Charles E. (1999)
    After decades of stellar performance as head coach, "Mr. Missouri Basketball" Norm Stewart looks at his career and at life off the court.
  • College town swings 

    Beahler, John (1999)
    Columbia's live music scene thrives down the decades.
  • Star material 

    Klingensmith, Dawn (1999)
    MU alumni show talent and guts as they make it in show biz.
  • Mixed media 

    Smith, Dale; Hill, Rob; O'Connor, Nancy (1999)
    Art students express their talent in a variety of ways.
  • The immortal hink 

    Williams, Tennessee (1999)
    A reprint of Act 1, Scene 5 from Tennessee Williams' Will Mr. Merriwether Return from Memphis?, first published by The Missouri Review, 1997, No. 2.
  • With lyricism and luminosity 

    Reineke, Charles E. (1999)
    National Geographic's David Alan Harvey uses the "Missouri Method" to capture the hidden pageantry of everyday life.
  • Paradise found 

    Pitts, Jonathan; Meyers, Sean (1999)
    This story is about the 1999 MU football team's journey to, and through, the bowl game in Arizona. (Supplied by cataloger)
  • Streaking [revisited] 

    Beahler, John (1999)
    Alumni recall national exposure 25 years later.
  • Adviser, enforcer, friend 

    Green, Jennifer; Hill, Rob (1999)
    This story is about community adviser Michelle Azu and her many roles that allow her to serve as a role model for students in the MU dorms. (Supplied by cataloger)
  • Stretching the education dollar 

    Worley, Karen; Klingensmith, Dawn (1999)
    Why does college cost so much? Do you have the information you need to make informed decisions? Have costs got you buffaloed into inaction? Take heart. Here's how savvy consumers are financing their children's college educations.
  • Sole survivors 

    Klingensmith, Dawn (1999)
    After setting a record for loafer longevity, MU's 8,000-year-old slippers fueled an international foot frenzy.

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