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    The absolute functional calculus for sectorial operators
    Age-dependent Branching Processes and Applications to the Luria-Delbrck Experiment
    Algebraic resolution of formal ideals along a valuation
    Almost everywhere convergence for modified Bochner Riesz means at the critical index for [rho] [greater than or equal to] 2
    Applications of fourier analysis to intersection bodies
    Applications of the fourier transform to convex geometry
    Approximate isometries and distortion energy functionals
    Asymptotic properties of deep water solitary waves with compactly supported vorticity
    Asymptotic unconditionality in Banach spaces
    Boundary value problems for the Stokes system in arbitrary Lipschitz domains
    Box approximation and related techniques in spectral theory
    Calderon-Zygmund theory for singular integral operators associated with second-order elliptic partial differential systems on rough subdomains of Riemannian manifolds
    A class of Gorenstein Artin algebras of embedding dimension four
    Classical and impulse stochastic control on the optimization of the dividends for the terminal bankruptcy model and its application
    Coefficient theorems of Birancon-Skoda type
    Complemented block bases of symmetric bases and spectral tetris fusion frame constructions
    Complex and almost-complex structures on six dimensional manifolds
    Conformal mappings and the Schwarz-Christoffel transformation
    Constant proportion portfolio insurance and related topics with empirical study
    Counterexamples to Strichartz Type Inequalities