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    Food security, nutrition and health of food pantry participants
    Functional studies of hCTR1, a high affinity human copper and cisplatin transporter
    Hepatocellular endothelial nitric oxide synthase and mitochondrial function in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
    The impact of a protein-rich breakfast on food cravings and reward in overweight/obese 'breakfast skipping' adolescent girls
    In The Zone: An Investigation into Physical Activity during Recess on Traditional Versus Zoned Playgrounds
    Incretin response to acute exercise of differing intensities in obese women
    Inflammation and hypoxia: novel regulators of mammalian copper homeostasis in macrophages
    Interaction of exercise and fish oil on postprandial lipemia
    Metabolic responses to a high fat diet in skeletal muscle of rats bred for high or low endurance running capacities
    Optimizing vascular and metabolic responses to insulin in type 2 diabetes: exercise as treatment
    Possible mechanisms of metabolic dysfunction in ovariectomized rats: impact of intrinsic aerobic fitness
    A proposed scoring system for quantification of metabolic syndrome severity
    Regulation of copper homeostasis and inflammation in microglial cells
    The relationship between insulin-like growth factor-1 and bone mineral density in osteopenic men following a 12-month osteogenic exercise intervention
    Resistance exercise timing and metabolic risk factors in type 2 diabetics
    Short-term aerobic exercise training in type 2 diabetes
    Six months of resistance training or plyometrics exercise positively affects bone mineral density and bone turnover marker ratios in men with osteopenia
    Three-dimensional body scanning :|a novel technique for body composition assessment
    Type 2 diabetic bone fragility: the effects of a high-fat, - cholesterol, and -sucrose diet, exercise, and caloric restriction
    Vitamin D status as a predictor of outcomes of experimentally-induced muscle pain and weakness in young, healthy volunteers