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    The banality of racism : the spirit of capitalism and mass incarceration
    Beneath and above the worlds of the spirit are alive: religion, place, and Ohlone cultural revival
    The Buddha said that Buddha said so: a translation and analysis of "Purvayogaparivarta" from the Ratnaketu dharani sutra
    Craft Christianity: Christianity and craft beer America
    The Daevas in Zoroastrian scripture
    Dynamics of discourse : power and culture in Precolonial Rwanda
    Fathers, mothers, members, and outsiders: analysis of social power and authority relations in the Peoples Temple and the Church Universal and Triumphant
    For good work do they wish to kill him?: narrative critique of the Acts of Pilte
    Guarding the preaching and the faith: kerygma and the rule of the truth from Paul to the Nicene creed
    Husbands scorned and fathers ignored: a social analysis of the Acts of Thomas
    The incultuartion of the Christian Gospel: theory and theology with special reference to the Igbo of southeastern Nigeria
    Inequality in the rhetoric of Buddhist-kami relations
    Is the Guru a feminist?: charismatic female leaders and gender roles in India
    Kolosalno! There Is Something Here...Power, Energy, The Future! Haunting, Steel, Progress, And The Urban Religious Landscape
    The origins of Muslim prayer: sixth and seventh century religious influences on the salat ritual
    Paul and how many others : a discourse on alterity in 2 Corinthians
    Re-deliniating Paul's boundaries of porneia in the early church via the sexually available bodies of first-century slaves
    Religious literacy in the social work profession
    Returning god or blood sacrifice: what were Moctezuma's intentions toward Cortéz?
    Revolutionizing the 'modern' environmental discourse: religion, revolution, and mountaintop removal