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    Accessing axis : exploring design coginition from visual and haptic experiences as an apparel designer in digital 3d imaging using 3d printing technology [1]
    Adaptive apparel advocacy : a case study exploring how Mindy Scheier catalyzed the adaptive apparel market [1]
    Adolescent sibling caregiving and responsibilty and competence in adulthood : retrospective reports among Latina/o young adults [1]
    Analyzing the physical and virtual interior design studio classroom practices and culture [1]
    Analyzing Twitter and Instagram social networks to trace consumer opinion regarding transparency in the apparel supply chain [1]
    Annie Malone and Poro College : building an empire of beauty in St. Louis, Missouri from 1915-1930 [1]
    The anthropometrics of junior sizing : does the size fit the population? [1]
    Architecture as a device of control : themes of prison life with focus on solitary confinement [1]
    Assessment of user democratization in 2D to 3D garment assemblage [1]
    Associations between ethnic discrimination, self-mastery/control, and communicative processes in U.S. Latino/a young adults : implications for adjustment [1]
    Between a nuclear family and a stepfamily : growing up with married biological parents and older half-siblings [1]
    Between the devil and the deep blue sea(m) : a case study exploring the borders between work and life domains described by women in the U.S. apparel industry [1]
    Brand origin and consumers' pereceptions of apparel product attributes relating to quality [1]
    Brand personality : consumer's perceptions of color used in brand logos [1]
    Business activities, competitive advantages, ownership types of the textile and apparel industries in China [1]
    Buyers' power strategies and suppliers' compliance mechanism : case of Indian apparel export firms [1]
    A case study of the GARROBO Project [1]
    Cases of resiliency : exploring experiences of refugee women participating in U.S. textile and apparel nonprofit organizations' skills training programs. [1]
    Celsr1 suppresses WNT5A-mediated chemoattraction to prevent incorrect rostral migration of facial branchiomotor neurons [1]
    The clothing and textile research base: an author cocitation study [1]