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    Composition of fluid inclusions from the cave-in-rock bedded-replacement fluorite deposits in the Illinois-Kentucky district
    Composition of magmatic fluids in the Harney Peak granite, Black Hills, South Dakota
    A comprehensive study of marine sediments of NanTroSEIZE Project, offshore Japan: clay mineralogy, consolidation, and microfabric
    Constraining the timing of graben initiation in the central Afar using fluvial knickpoint erosion and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides
    Crustal stress across the northern Arabian plate and the relationship with the plate boundary forces
    Dominant substrates used by methanogens in hypersaline environments
    Dynamic links between short-term deformation and long-term tectonics: a finite element study
    Earthquake interaction along the Sultandagi-Aksehir fault based on InSar and coulomb stress modeling
    Effect of increasing trimethylamine and organic matter concentration on stable carbon isotopes of methane produced in hypersaline, substrate limited environments
    Effect of plagioclase crystallization on liquid and magma viscosity in the Anorthite-diopside-dorsterite-quartz system
    The effects of volatiles on the viscosity and heat capacity of calc-alkaline basaltic and basaltic andesite liquids
    Entrainment and transport of coarse stream bed material in a fluviokarst watershed, south-central Missouri: a tracer particle study
    Evaluation of solitary waves as a mechanism for oil transport in elastic porous media: a case study of the south Eugene Island field, Gulf of Mexico basin
    Fault evolution and earthquakes: a finite element study
    Fault evolution and strain partitioning within deforming continents
    Fault segmentation and paleoseismicity along the North Wutaishan Fault of the Shanxi Graben System, China
    Flow and heat transfer properties of Mono Craters rhyolites: effects of temperature, water content, and crystallinity
    Fluid inclusion and oxygen isotope studies of high-grade quartz-scheelite veins at the Cantung Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada: products of a late-stage magmatic-hydrothermal event
    Fluid inclusion evidence for the nature of fluids associated with recrystallization of quartzites in the EJB contact Aureole, California
    Fluorine concentrations of ore fluids in the Illinois-Kentucky district : evidence from SEM-EDS analysis of fluid inclusion decrepitates