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    Neodymium and oxygen isotopic constraints on upper Ordovician paleoceanographic evolution across the Dubuque/Maquoketa contact in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota
    Numerical modeling of CO2-water-rock interactions in the Farnsworth, Texas Hydrocarbon Unit, USA
    a numerical study
    Organic matter remineralization in the sediment of two acid mine drainage lakes
    Organic sulfur metabolisms in Eastern Lau Spreading Center hydrothermal vents
    Oxygen isotopes from conodonts of the mid-continent, US: implications for Late Ordovician climate evolution
    Permeability, clay mineralogy, and microfabric of fine-grained sediments from the Nankai Trough and Shikoku Basin, offshore southwest Japan
    Permeability, clay mineralogy, and microfabric of sediments from IODP Expedition 348, Site C0002, Nankai Trough accretionary prism, offshore southwest Japan
    Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of mafic rocks in the Precambrian core of the Black Hills, South Dakota
    Petrogenesis of the main petrologic and chronologic volcanic phases in the Charyan Province, NW Libya
    Predators and predation in the Cambrian period: quantitative methods in taphonomy and paleoecology
    Present-day and late Quaternary crustal deformation along the southern Dead Sea Fault System, Jordan
    Quaternary deformation along the north Wutaishan fault in the Shanxi Rift system, China
    Receiver function study in northeast Tibet and adjacent boundaries
    Recent faulting and active shortening of the Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco, within the diffuse African-Eurasian plate boundary
    Rheological evolution of planetary basalts during cooling and crystallization
    Rheology of dacitic volcanoes: from magma chamber to eruptive style
    Role of Li and B bearing fluids in crystallization and alteration of granitic pegmatites, San Diego, California
    Role of lithium and boron bearing fluids in crystallization and alteration of granitic pegmatites, San Diego, California.
    Seismic anisotropy beneath the southern Puna Plateau