• Combatting lice in a single treatment 

    Brown, Dionna; Rowland, Kate (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2012-01)
    Consider prescribing spinosad—a recently approved topical pediculicide that is more effective than permethrin and eliminates the need for nit combing— for children with head lice.
  • Consider adding this drug to fight COPD that's severe 

    Hobbs, Keia; Brown, Dionna (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2012-07)
    Consider prescribing daily azithromycin for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and a history of exacerbations --but do a careful risk-benefit analysis first. Strength of Recommendation B: Based ...
  • Optimal timing for peripheral IV replacement? 

    Brown, Dionna; Rowland, Kate (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2013-04)
    Replace peripheral IV catheters as needed, rather than on a routine basis. Strength of recommendation: A: Based on a randomized equivalence trial.
  • Pulse oximetry for newborns: should it be routine? 

    Swenson, Amanda; Brown, Dionna; Stevermer, James J. (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2012-05)
    Ensure that all newborns undergo pulse oximetry screening before discharge -- and that abnormal results are immediately followed up with echocardiography. Strength of recommendation B: Based on a single cohort study ...