• An alternative to oral NSAIDs for acute musculoskeletal injuries 

    Rogers, Nina Vergari; Rowland, Kate; Hickner, John (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2011-03)
    For patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries, topical NSAIDs are an effective alternative for pain relief. Strength of recommendation: A: Based on a meta-analysis of 47 high-quality randomized clinical trials.
  • Palliative care: earlier is better 

    Rowland, Kate; Schumann, Sarah-Anne; Hickner, John (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2010-12)
    Recommend a palliative care consultation at the time of diagnosis. Early palliative care can improve quality of life, decrease depressive symptoms, and prolong life in patients with metastatic cancer. Strength of ...