Mizzou Advantage, spearheaded by the Office of the Provost, identifies the key areas in which the University of Missouri-Columbia is uniquely positioned in the worlds of higher education and research. In each of the five areas a network of MU faculty, centers, departments, corporate partners, national labs, and other organizations will develop creative research and educational approaches and collaborate on large grants and contracts, conferences, and other kinds of events to further enhance MU’s stature and impact. The five Mizzou Advantage areas, also called strategic initiatives, are very broadly interdisciplinary: One Health, One Medicine: The Convergence of Human and Animal Medicine; Food for the Future; Media for the Future; Sustainable Energy; Managing Innovation: Navigating Disruptive and Transformational Technologies (formerly Understanding and Managing Disruptive and Transformational Technologies). In 2012, Managing Innovation was discontinued as a separate study area and integrated into the other four areas.

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