• Digitization: Successful Projects and the Challenge of Born-Digital Newspaper Archives [videorecording] 

    Halbert, Martin; Grotke, Abbie; Draper, Jim; Montgomery, Leigh; Zarndt, Frederick (2011-04)
    This panel addressed several aspects of newspaper digitization projects. Jim Draper focused on a Gale/Cengage project to digitize 19th century newspapers in the British Library. Abbie Grotke explored the Library of ...
  • Ownership and Access Issues [videorecording] 

    Gill, Christopher; Weissman, Randy; Stewart, Mizell (2011-04)
    This panel discussed the issues surrounding newspapers and newspaper archives from the perspective of the owners of the newspapers.
  • Saving Time and Money: How Newspapers Digitization Can Help Scholars 

    Allen, Robert B.; Reilly, Bernard; Cowan, Chris; Cox, Patrick (2011-04)
    This panel discussed how newspaper digitization can help scholars save time and money as they research.
  • Welcome and keynote address [videorecording] 

    Anderson, Martha; Carner, Dorothy; Middleton, Michael; Mills, Dean (2011-04)
    After welcomes and introductory remarks by Dorothy Carner, Michael Middleton and Dean Mills, keynote speaker Martha Anderson offered her observations on news and some ideas on working together on a national level to preserve ...
  • Why Should Communities Care about Newspaper Archives? 

    Nunn, Remmel; Hight, Joe; Garner, LaDonna; Rencher, David E. (2011-04)
    This panel discussed how newspaper archives benefit and engage communities, the problem of and solutions for lost content, and considered whose stories would be lost with content and for whom the stories are being saved.