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    9 to 5 feces on fart and crass : subverting society's segregative structures [1]
    Assessment of environmental variables and anthropogenic impacts on shallow marine bivalves [1]
    Attachment of zirconium oxide nanoparticles (ZrO2 NPs) onto polysulfone hollow fiber membranes (PSF HFMs) surface by self-polymerized L-DOPA to improve membrane performance [1]
    The banality of racism : the spirit of capitalism and mass incarceration [1]
    Catalysis of manganese(II/III) on chromium(VI) reduction by oxalic acid [1]
    Comparing pointing performance of mouse and eye-gaze input system [1]
    Conscious branding [1]
    Constraining the timing of graben initiation in the central Afar using fluvial knickpoint erosion and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides [1]
    Covariance methods in nonlinear model identification [1]
    Daily relationship interventions : an integrative review [1]
    Design and analysis of super wideband microstrip antennas for parameter optimization [1]
    Design of runtime libraries to improve programmability and efficiency of heterogeneous CPU-GPU nodes [1]
    Detection of food contaminants by SERS and nanopore technology [1]
    Development of a portable total-stress measurement instrument [1]
    Efficacy of various wavelengths of light emitting diode illumination on efficiency and performance parameters of broilers [1]
    Evaluation of modulus of polycaprolactone fused deposition modeling 3D printed tissue scaffolds [1]
    Evaluation of the fire and fuels extension (FFE) to the forest vegetation simulator (FVS) within the Missouri Ozarks [1]
    Examining the beliefs of pre-service teachers in agricultural education toward the use of inquiry teaching : a grounded theory study [1]
    The exploration of Africa and the construction of imperial masculinity [1]
    Fabrication & testing of PCM impregnated drywalls for thermal energy storage [1]